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New: Deific Wisdom - Many New Beginnings 41K
New: Deific Wisdom - Lessons 45K
New: Strange Faces - Shifting Backdrop 42K
New: Break Them All - Learning To Learn 19K
New: Knowing the Odds - Exploration 63K
New: Heromaker's Legacy - Sphere and Loathing 26K

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New: Deific Wisdom - Summonses, Expected and Un 45K
New: Unexpected Supremacy - Ministerial Interference 30K
New: Break Them All - First Casting 28K
New: Break Them All - Outside 35K
New: Knowing the Odds - Undeserved 33K

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New: Deific Wisdom - Chakra 45K

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New: Heromaker's Legacy - Discovery 32K
New: Heromaker's Legacy - Back To School 34K
New: Heromaker's Legacy - Arachnae 44K
New: Heromaker's Legacy - Mantle of Hero 38K

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New: Deific Wisdom - The Ways of the Ninja 43K

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