Works of fanfiction by TheGrum (email at bottom of page).
These are works in progress.

General Disclaimer: All of these fics are based on works by other authors and property that does not belong to me. I make no claim to such work nor do I make any contest to the copyrights the original producers hold. These works are not produced for profit but in homage.

You will note that I do not care to put great effort into my html. I prefer simple, and readable. Also note that some, indeed most, of the html used herein is script-generated, and may refer to works or portions of works not actually made available here. Such works will doubtless become available at a future date.

These files were produced by myself. I would appreciate being asked before finding them in another repository elsewhere.


Breaking Chains Series - Fey Ranma
To Break Her Chains [Ranma][Tenchi Muyo]
Unbreakable Chains [Ranma][LoTR - minor]
Neko Senshi [Ranma][AMG][DBZ][SM]
Unbreakable Chains - Alternate [Ranma]

Breaking Chains Sidestories
The Ice Queen's Rebirth [Ranma][AMG]

Rewrite of Breaking Chains Series - Fey Ranma
To Break Her Chains [Ranma][Tenchi Muyo]

Forever Ranko Series
Rune Ranko [Ranma][AD&D][Palladium]
Lady of the Ring [Ranma][LoTR][AD&D][Palladium]
The Weapon's Prisoner [Ranma][HP][AD&D][Palladium] *

Unexpected Power [HP]
Break Them All [Original]
Heromaker's Legacy [WORM][Break Them All]
Knowing the Odds [Original]

Finding an Anchor [Ranma][SM]
Strange Faces [HP]
Unexpected Supremacy [HP]
Deific Wisdom[BtVS][Ranma][HP]

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